Use the Redshift platform to generate amazing websites

Redshift launched their web development platform at just the right time for me! Having been recently retrenched, and battling to find new employment Redshift provided a unique opportunity to revisit my old web development skills, expand on them and use them to build a web development business, producing professional-looking websites in no time at all. BizArray ( has been built on this platform and within two days had already delivered a social business network platform which is expanding, and our first client website (

You really do not need any intermediate or even advanced skills to use the RedShift platform to generate amazing websites. With minimal fuss, you can get a basic, professionally designed website up within literally a couple of hours. It’s a great platform that has been well thought out and is very feature-rich.

The support from the Redshift Team has been unfounded. In all my years working in the IT realm, I have never experienced the phenomenal support that I’ve received from John and Doug. The team really has your back and your best interests in mind to assist you to build your design business.