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Can't view the entire email optin box on front end once exited visual builder

HI Doug - I hope my screen shot makes it clear. I have tried to add a divider and another row / section in the hope that I would be able to make the optin box completely visible but I can't seem to get it right.

do you have any advice on how to adjust this?


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Ok, so turns out Mailpoet is the real problem. It was causing a conflict so I removed it. I have replaced it with something called "Email subscribers and newsletters". But this doesn't integrate via the Divi optin box.

I have placed the short code for this plugin's signup form below where you placed the optin box. What this comes down to now is what do you want to use to send newsletters.

If you want to use the new plugin I added, delete the "optin" module (and go check the settings for Email subscribers and newsletters). If you want to use a 3rd party, like Mailchimp (rcommended), then use the optin module and connect it to your newsletter manager (eg. Mailchimp). And delete and remove the newsletter plugin and signup form I added.

Let me if this solves the problem. If you need more help, just ask here:)