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Customizing the Footer Bar

Hi Doug

As discussed, I'm trying to customize the Footer Bar area of my pages to display the statement: "Designed & Maintained by" plus a small logo.

I have attached pics of this, basically I have add an extra bit of text and <a href> tag, which remains no problem, however, when I insert an <img> to include my logo, it shows on the preview, but after I publish the changes, the logo is not visible any more on the live pages (although you can still see it on the preview).

If you leave the settings area and go back, you will see the <img> tag has been removed, however the <a href> remains.

The tag I'm trying to insert is:

<img src="" alt="Biz Array" id="logotiny" title="BizArray" style="display: inline-block;">



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Hi Greg,

Then use <span class="myfootLogo></span> or use div.

And write CSS for that class (.myfootLogo) to give it height and width, then add the image as background and set to "fit" the container, so it resizes automatically.



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Hi Doug

Ok cool thanks, I'll give that a try.



I eventually figured it out, no CSS necessary, you have to make a Global Footer in the Divi Theme Builder, which overrides the default footer.

You can see it working on