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Hi Doug

Hope you are well . I wonder if you can give me some advice please .

I've got a client that wants to incorporate a database in his website . He wants to link various services eg plumbers and electricians to various areas so if someone is looking for an electrician in Randburg all the electricians registered on his site in that area will be notified  .What would be the best way to do that ?

Really hope you can help



Hi George,

The cheap way is to have a bunch of newsletter lists (one for each area). Then when someone sends a request, he would have to manually send out a newsletter to the appropriate list.

Alternately, you would have to setup a directory (like the Local store connector) which would allow people to search and choose their own provider and email that person (not everyone).

And finally, you could use a CRM like ZOHO to manage this functionality in the background. The website is just a place to market and host the forms.