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Divi 'Read More' expander

Hi Doug

Hope you can help, busy with a site and on the main page I have 4 text modules with lists of features for the 4 main services.

I want to tidy up the look and feel by equalizing the column heights, but NOT to the longest column, somewhere in between rather, so that the 2 longest columns are maybe limited and have a small 'Read More' button/link to click on, which would then expand the list to full length to show all service features.

I've tried the accordion and toggle modules but these don't provide what we want.

Not sure if this is a setting or requires a plugin/extension?!?



Hi Greg,

Using a "toggle" module is the best solution for that one. Remove the 'learn more' on all of them, put one 'learn more' button in a row below those columns. Then add a toggle module to the longer ones. Problem is you don't want this toggle on mobile...

The other solution is some jQuery. So you add css to give it a set max height and if it is higher, to show a "read more". When clicked it simply displays the full block. This is higher grade stuff though.

So personally, I do not think it is necessary. I think those columns look fine the way they are.

Also, that row is set to a max-width of 55% for some reason. If you change the row width to 100% or even just 80% (default), it will look better.