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Email optin

Hi, I'm having trouble with my email optin in front end visual builder. When I insert the module emailoptin it's there but doesn't show when I exit visual builder. I have trashed the email optin and re-inserted it but it still doestn't work. I've attached some images.

Regards, Alex

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Hi Genevieve,

In the section, below content, called "email account", you need to connect it to an email provider before it will work.

If you need something to be your email provider, then first go to Plugins and activate Mailpoet. Then go back to the email optin box and connect it to Mailpoet.

And if you do not like that optin box, Mailpoet actually creates it's own forms which you can display by using a shortcode. See Mailpoet's settings.



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Thank you so much Doug,

So what I want is when people fill in the fields in the Email optin, for their emails to come directly to Genevieve's personal email account which is <email removed by admin> for if they want to enquire about something.

Is that what the Mailpoet will do?


Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,

No, that is NOT what mailpoet or the optin form is for. The optin and Mailpoet are for gathering signups for a newsletter and sending newsletters.

What you want to use is a simple form. Divi has a module called "contact form" which will work for this. But it is pretty basic. If you need a more custom form, please use "Ninja Forms" to build the form. Then take the shortcode from Ninja and paste it on the page where you want your form to appear!

The other big difference is that Ninja will store entries in your database (never get lost) while the Divi form doesn't store in your DB.