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Importing existing sites

Hi Doug

Hope you are well.
I have a couple clients interested in me revamping their current websites, however it would obviously be easiest and first prize to move/import them into my RedShift account, especially for cosmetic changes, instead of recreating everything from scratch.
1. Is it possible to export a site from Wix, or Afrihost WP, and import it into RedShift?
2. If so, please could you assist me with some guidance.

Hi Greg,

Not sure about moving from Wix but you can certainly export a WP site from elsewhere and import into Redshift.

In the left menu, under "tools" you will find both export and import. If you export from WP you should get an XML file. You then run the WP importer on Redshift, select the XML file and follow the prompts.

The only thing that doesn't always work is the importing of image. That depends on settings on the other hosting, so we cannot always control that.