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Ninja Form not working

Hi Doug

I need a hand with the contact Ninja Form on BizArray.

It's not working again, I submit a test form, it gets stored in the submissions, but the email message never arrives in the BizArray mailbox and the confirmation email never arrives in the sender's mailbox?!?

I've checked everything I can, not sure what I'm missing.

Also according to Recaptcha stats this form has been submitted 78 times, however I haven't got one message, but the messages aren't in the submissions database either?!?



Hi Greg,

I cannot be sure what is going on but I did notice that under settings the main admin email address is your gmail one. That means the form with be sending from your gmail...which means it is likely going to spam. So that's the first thing to change.

Then double check the sending settings for emails. Send from an "" email addie:)