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Site Backups

Hi Doug

I hope you're well. 🙂

Is it possible to get a FULL backup download of specific sites? To possibly re-upload at a later stage.

Reason: I have a couple clients who are not paying for their sites, so I want to take them down. However, I'm fairly certain once I do this they will pay up and want their sites back online. I would like to avoid having to redesign their entire site from scratch.

Hope it's possible



Hi Greg,

When you "delete" a site here on Redshift, it doesn't actually delete it. It is flagged as "deleted" (until an admin actually deletes it) and unavailable BUT an admin is able to make the site "public" again. So no need to do a backup as such...

Obviously, we do clean out site marked as "deleted" periodically. So if there is a chance you want to turn it on again PLEASE be sure to communicate this with us at the time of marking the site as "deleted". Send an email to