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WooCom Recurring Payments

Hi Doug,

I saw the post between you and Greg regarding the recurring payments.


My question is how and where do you add the subscription link that I will get to the page to enable subscriptions at checkout and/or product pages?

Hi Martmarie,

You cannot add recurring payments (subscription products) to Woocommerce. You therefore cannot have it at checkout or on product pages (as these are generated by Woocommerce).

What I suggested to Greg was that he creates a recurring subscription button on Payfast. Then you get some code from there which you can paste into the Divi "code" module wherever you want it to appear on your Redshift website. And use the Divi builder to create your "product" page from top to bottom, with the code module (and the code copied from Payfast for this button) wherever you want the 'subscribe now' button.



Thanks Doug, I will try this.

Will this work if I enabled divi builder on my product pages, do I understand you correct?

Hi Mart-Marie,

Yes it will work to add a button from Payfast BUT that button is not connected to your woocommerce product in any way. The Payfast button does not use the Woocommerce checkout process. It is not connected to the product price, add to cart or quantity fields.

Basically yes it would work but why would you do it that way. Just create the product page as a page or post in Wordpress, then add your button where you want it.

The only other way this might work is if you rather just copy the subscribe link (forget the button code) you can generate on Payfast. Then create an 'affiliate' product in Woocommerce and in the URL field paste the Payfast subscribe link. Just be sure to explain to people what is going to happen when they click the link. And again, this is still not going to go through Woocommerce, it will go directly through Payfast without creating an order on your site.