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WooCom Shop Page & Sale Banner

Hi Doug

Are there any 'nice' templates available to make the shop and products pages look a bit more attractive, instead of starting from scratch each time, that we can use/apply to a site AFTER we've started building it, i.e. We begin a 'normal' website, then they decide to add eCommerce, so we can't use the Redshift eCommerce template to begin, as it wipes the entire site.

Any ideas on how to add a dynamic banner to the WooCom Shop page, that will show any items in the store that are currently on sale?!? If no items on sale, then the banner will not display.

I can't seem to find any native way within WC to do this, it seems you would need a plugin of sorts. If this is the only way, would it be possible to get an appropriate plugin vetted and added for us to use please?



Hi Greg,

Styling the shop really comes down to either what you do in Divi around the "shop" module. And for inside the shop module, it is largely just CSS changes that you can make. As for single pages, I have some templates for the individual product pages. Email me and I will send them to you.

As for showing "sale" items, you can set the Divi shop module to display items on sale only. There is also a Woocommerce short code for this.



Hi Doug

Ok cool, I’ll play around a bit more with the shop page and CSS, etc.

I’ll email you shortly for the product page templates, thanks, appreciate it.

I have played with the shop module to show “sale” items, and the shortcode, it’s not very pretty. Was hoping for a more dynamic option that you could make a scrolling banner/carousel, that was only visible if there are “sale” items, and then it would scroll through them.

I’ll stick to managing it manually for now.